Witch’s Brew

Originally published as “Witche’s (sic) Brew in The Queenslander, October 29th, 1936

Ingredients per person

1 cup of milk

Cocoa and sugar or sweetened drinking chocolate

1 or 2 marshmallows. You can use store bought ones but nothing compares to home made marshmallows :)

To decorate the marshmallows either

melted chocolate and a toothpick (as in the original recipe) or a prepackaged icing writer or royal icing, a piping bag and a writing tube


Warm the milk in a saucepan

Add the sugar and cocoa and whisk.

While the milk is heating take the marshmallows and draw angry faces on them using icing or a toothpick diped in melted chocolate.

Pour the hot chocoalte drink into a mug and float the marshmallows on top.

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