Peanut butter biscuits or cookies

An Inquisitive Mind. Also, Cookies :)

I’m a bit of a Pinterest tart (I have 80 boards for art, craft, cooking and home decorating) so you won’t be surprised to find out that I come across a lot pins of great cooking tips. While I like to pin recipes, tips and basic information are my favourite because they give me the information that allows me to play with the recipes to make them just the way I want. (I just realised I approach cooking the same way as I approach my knitting and sewing. No surprise there then).

Yesterday someone pinned “How Ingredients Behave in a Cookie Recipe” from, which is an article about the effects that different ingredients have on the finished cookie. What makes them chewy or crunchy, puffy or flat, cakey or cookie-y.

I couldn’t help thinking how the ingredients in the Magic Peanut Butter Cookies fit in.

Equal parts fat and sugar, check. Although in this case the fat is peanut butter rather than just butter.

Egg for binder, check.

Little flour makes them flat, check. According to one of the sources referenced in Sugarkissed’s post , the ground peanuts in the peanut butter are a replacement for flour. So that’s why the recipe works!

What makes this information so great (and the info in her referenced sources) is that  we can all now go and create our own cookie recipes. Whether from scratch, or by changing an existing recipe that we wish had “just a bit more crunch” or was “just a bit chewier”.

OK, ready, set, GO make cookies!