A ball of my Mum's pastry

Mum’s All-Purpose Pastry

This recipe makes enough pastry for about 6 average pies. Freeze the excess for later.

I especially like to use it to make treacle tart and apple pie :)


2kg or 4lb 6oz self-raising flour. Whilst plain flour makes a traditional pastry, my Mum always used self raising, which makes this her unique pastry even if she used to be annoyed when it turned out cakey :)

1kg or 2lb 3oz butter or margarine

6 Eggs, with a little water

For Sweet Pastry

2 cups white sugar

For Savoury Pastry

3tsp salt


Rub sugar (or salt), flour and margarine together until it feels like bread-crumbs.

Add egg water and mix gently until combined.

This pastry can be used for:

Treacle Tart. Fill the base of the pie with corn-flakes and treacle, make a grid design on top with pastry “sausages” bake in a moderate oven (190 degrees C or 325 degrees F) until pastry is browned slightly.

Jam Tart. Fill the base of the tart with jam, make a grid design on top with pastry “sausages” bake in a moderate oven until pastry is browned slightly.

Apple Pie. Blind bake the base of the pie, fill with cooked apple and cover with a pastry “lid”.
Bake in a moderate oven until pastry is browned slightly.

Pineapple roll

Pineapple Roll

Pineapple roll is a classic festive recipe almost everyone will recognise (if you’re old enough!). Originally published in Modern Gelatine Cookery, 1970 – 1974


440gm or 14 1/2 oz Tinned pineapple

1 pkt of lime gelatine

Glace cherries


Remove the lid from your tin of pineapple.

Pour the juice into a cup.

Make it up to 3/4 of liquid with some water.

Pour it into a saucepan and heat on the stove until it’s hot enough to add the gelatine.

Add the gelatine and stir until it’s dissolved.

Pour it into the can.

Put some glace cherries down the centre of the pineapple rings.

Set in the frigde overnight.

Put a plate over the top of the can and flip it upside down.

To remove, cut the bottom off the can and gently push the pineapple roll out.

Slice and serve.