Welsh rarebit, also known as Welsh rabbit.

Welsh Rarebit / Welsh Rabbit

A classic recipe for a highly flavoured cheese on toast dish, Welsh Rarebit. Also known as Welsh Rabbit. This dish is thought to have originated in the 1700’s.


60gm/2oz of cheddar cheese per person

2 slices of toast per person

salt and pepper

mustard powder

Worcestershire sauce

beer – the more flavour in the beer, the better. If you don’t want to use beer you can use milk, an oil-based salad dressing or all three!


Put your cheese into the top of a double boiler over a gentle heat.

Add the mustard, salt and pepper.

Add some Worcestershire sauce.

Once it starts to melt add just enough beer to make it into a thick paste.

Add more beer if necessary once it has fully melted.

Spread the cheese on your toast and brown under the grill (or broiler if you’re in the US)