Jelly Bean Flowers

Jelly bean flowers make a great table decoration for any party, and you can eat them when you’re finished!

Based on a project from the Australian Women’s Weekly, November 20th, 1963


8 – 10 jelly beans per flower

clear cellophane

floral wire or chenille sticks

floral tape

fake leaves

red or green metallic cellophane

a large mug or vase

2 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Flowers

  1. crafty grandma says:

    The project might date back to 1963, but it’s still a great idea!!! Must try it out. TFS

  2. Ellisen says:

    Lovely decoration! My grandkids are coming to visit in 2 weeks, so I’d better get busy and make Jelly Bean Flowers for them! Thanks so much for sharing your idea with us.

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